Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A bunch more things I didn't buy

I did not buy any old toiletries at this estate sale because, seriously, do you have to ask? I'm not sure which is more grim: the sight of unfinished tubes and bottles for sale, evidence of health and/or beauty regimes permanently interrupted. Or the sight of people actually buying the stuff.

Sometimes (a lot of times) I do just say no to my kids, and usually it's when we've strayed into the crafty section of a flea market or antiques mall. She did not get this red-white-and-blue $25 scarfy thing, even though it was 4th of July. I am that hard.

I didn't buy this totally 80s relic, Stay-Put: the Non-Slip Shoulder Pad, though I was sorely tempted. Just for the logo. Why is that lady so mad? Why is she yelling at that dog? What does that have to do with shoulder-pads-in-a-can?

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