Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I tawt I taw a Limoges butterpat

Brooklyn is famous for its stoop sales, though I'm not sure why. I lived and loved in Brooklyn for about ten years and the only thing I ever bought at a Brooklyn stoop sale was a set of Limoges butter pat dishes with weird babies painted on them. Here are two from the set. I'm not a baby person—I was fond of my own babies but Anne Geddes calendars you will not find in my home—yet I like these babies, particularly the one under the umbrella. I get the impression that the artist was planning to paint frogs but at the last minute changed his mind and went with babies.

I also love the concept of the butter pat dish. It's right up there with the personal ashtray. I've got quite a few of those but will I ever have cause to use them again? I may have given up Camel Lights but you'll have to pry my butter from my cold dead hands. And someday I'll have a fancy dinner party and all my guests will have a place to put their pats (and hang their hats).

(A final thought on butterpat: It's a good name for a dog, a pony, a cat, or a bunny. I keep meaning to create a file of future pet names because you know you're going to need them at some point and when that moment arrives you can't remember all the awesome names you've come up with over the years and you end up letting the kids name the pet for a movie character or the color of its fur.)

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