Monday, September 17, 2012

Old bags

It doesn't happen very often but I'm always pysched when I'm provided with a vintage shopping bag to hold my vintage purchases at an estate sale. Aren't shopping bags right up there with newspapers and takeout containers as hoarders' most favorite items to hoard?

Anyway, this bag brings me back to when Banana Republic was all about looking like you were headed to the sun-soaked savannas of Out of Africa. When the company's marketing campaign consisted of a teeny print ad in the back of The New Yorker. A far cry from the purveyor of blandly trendy disposable office clothes BR is today. (Sorry but if I'm forced to be mall shopping, I'm going to choose Gap over Banana Republic every time.) As for Hickory Farms, I'm pretty sure I never actually made a purchase from the one at our mall, but I do remember helping myself to free samples of smoked sausage and cheese on the way from Bamberger's to Spencer Gifts.

P.S. If seeing this BR bag has made you misty for the chain store's safari days, check out this obsessive dude's blog dedicated to all things vintage Banana Republic. Wow.

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