Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Things I didn't buy: Early holiday edition

I've definitely got a weakness for vintage holiday ornaments and I've been known to buy them at the height of summer without feeling like I have a problem. But these balls were like $5 apiece! I mean, seriously—they didn't even have the original Shiny-Brite boxes.

I used to shop at Kinney shoes, but I don't remember MudKats. Couldn't help but glom onto the cute box, though. Sadly, these were a size too small, which is probably a good thing since there's little call for duck boots in South Texas.

I didn't buy these Christmas ties because I don't know anyone in the history of the universe who needs Christmas ties.

I'm a little fuzzy on the purpose of a Lafayette four-track solid-state stereo 820, but it looked like something Lindsay might buy and then put in the garage till the end of time so I decided not to text him and ask if he wanted it. Do you think he wanted it?

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