Friday, October 25, 2013

A page from my book: the beer can table

Theoretically, I'm going to do this every Friday—feature a page from one of the books currently on the virtual shelves at my etsy shoppe (and in the literal bankers boxes in my guest room). Thanks to my days as a magazine editor, I tend to come up with all these ideas for recurring bloggy featurettes and departments that I never really follow through on because unlike during my days in magazine-land, I don't have a managing editor to prod me.

So for what it's worth, here's the first, and possibly last, installment, from a book I've previously touted on this blog as the best craft book of all time! Which is saying something, because back in the 1970s in particular, crazy-awesome craft books were de rigueur. If you want to bring that artsy-frathouse vibe to your home, I suggest you check out page 27 of Better Homes and Gardens Treasures From Throwaways and start stockpiling those empties (and definitely heed step one—rinse those cans of Miller High Life thoroughly before you commence construction).

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