Monday, April 16, 2012

Hung up

A few weeks ago I mentioned my purchase of San Antonio's Most Famous Flamenco Dancer's vintage telephone and I know you were dying to see it, so here it is. Tres ’80s chic, no? At least I assume it's ’80s. I can't find another Soundesign phone like it on the internets so it must be very rare and very valuable, not that I have any plans to sell it when it looks so perky sitting atop a pile tech fossils in my garage.

I've thought about using it but have you ever tried to use a restored/refurbished vintage telephone? They are, at best, unreliable and super-inconvenient. I have a beauteous orange Ericofon (midcentury Swedish telephone) on my nightside table, which works, intermittently, but is so damn inconvenient that when the phone rings I find myself sprinting to another room to pick up one of the ugly cordless phones we have scattered throughout the house. I'm not a big phone talker to begin with, so the idea of being tethered to my vintage phone, stranded in one small corner of my bedroom instead of being able to free-range from refrigerator to water cooler to computer to laundry room to patio and back again while on the phone sounds like hell. The only scenario in which I can envision myself contentedly yakking on the phone in bed is when I'm propped up on my pillows, wearing a satin bed jacket and popping bonbons—but that so rarely happens, you know?

So the questions of the day are: Do aesthetically pleasing cordless phones exist? And why do I have a land line anyway?



  2. trying a little too hard, don't you think?

  3. I have the same phone. Was researching Soundesign on an unrelated issue and found your post.
    I purchased mine for $10 on 14th St in NYC in the late 1980s. It has been dropped, thrown, and generally abused, but still works PERFECTLY. The dated high-end features included Hold, Redial, and even a volume control.
    I use it now as a backup for when power goes out, as a line-set, and any other function where only an analog phone will work.

    BTW, I have kept every cell phone I have ever owned since my "bag phone". Have a little historical electronics museum in my office.


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