Sunday, May 8, 2011


I bought this at the same sale that had the gnome gnotebooks. It's a pretty awesome copy, you've got to admit. That cover? Yummy. Of course I'm never going to read it. Does anyone ever read the whole thing anymore?

The important thing is that I found it at all here in Texas, where evolution is not featured in middle and high school science curriculums, because this is the State Where A Bunch of Total Morons Dictate Textbook Standards Across the Country. In my part of town, the Jesus fish, the meaning of which I've never been totally clear on (and that's okay), is a very common car decoration, and I would be a little nervous to affix one of those Darwin equivalents on the back of my Toyota. So just knowing that someone else owned this book is like, hurray for the enlightened! I'm sorry that you're probably dead! And buying it I felt like I was rescuing it from a potential book-burning party. You never know.

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