Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shall we play a game?

I never had Merlin. I never had Simon. I never had Blip. And Blip was the one I wanted most of all and I totally remember seeing it at the store right before Christmas and it was only $9.95—why didn't my parents get it for me?!

We also never had Atari or Intellivision or any game system except for this really bare-bones one that my brother had hooked up to his tiny black-and-white Panasonic TV. It had just three games: tennis, hockey and breakout. Breakout was the best. Next to Blip.

Anyway, now I have Merlin and it doesn't work so it's like I still don't have Merlin. I see I can get Blip on etsy for just $10—the price unchanged since 1977! Hmm. But I definitely don't remember it being this loud:

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