Friday, March 9, 2012

The New York dolls

I'll be traveling next week for Spring Break, bound for the ancestral home in NJ and the spiritual home in NYC. If I can get my shite together, I'll be sending dispatches via instagram from my favorite thrift shoppes (e.g., my parents' basement, ministorage facilities, etc.). You can follow me if you want.

In honor of the occasion, I bring you the Campus Cuties Lodge Party collection by Louis Mark & Co. circa 1964, which wended its way all the way from New Yawk City to our humble San Antonio mailbox inside a lumpy padded envelope. At the time, my bro and his lady were in the process of downsizing—relocating from their overstuffed Williamsburg apartment to a minimalist loft in Bush-Stuy-Burg. Lucky for my older daughter, the package was addressed to her specifically or I would have snapped those Cuties up and displayed them, much like Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner does in his unsurprisingly rad pad (so I learned from a NYT magazine story featuring his "Mad House"—scroll through the photos and you'll see his extensive Cutie collection voguing atop the piano). Instead, these Campus Cuties bring their mod-girl insouciance (and in the case of the one wearing the teddy, very inappropriate attire) to the Toy Story–scale shenanigans with Barbies, My Little Ponies, Schleich animals and Playmobil princesses that play out across my kids' carpet-tiled floors on a daily basis.

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