Thursday, January 17, 2013

More things I didn't buy, starting with the Un-bra

I did not buy the Un-bra because I have a strict no-undergarment-buying policy when shopping estate sales. One must set limits.

I did not buy this defaced (or faced?) mannequin head, but I did appreciate the effort.

I did not buy a stack of back issues of Analog: Science Fiction and Fact magazine, though I did mourn the passing of another loyal print subscriber. I assumed this digest, which has been published since the 1930s, couldn't possibly still exist but, lo, it does! You can even get it on your Kindle. This first line of description of the latest issue is making me regret my decision to pass up this trove: "By pure coincidence, our March issue offers a denser than average population of nonhuman intelligences, and quite a collection they are."

I did not buy any $80 hub caps. I didn't even buy the cheaper hub caps.

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