Monday, February 4, 2013

When Scholastic was cool (an ongoing series)

Feeling like a bit of a vegetable this morning after pulling an all-nighter with a feverish child (who is now working her way through all 300 episodes of My Little Pony on Netflix), so I think I'm just going to present you with some old-school Scholastic book covers and save the bon mots for some other day when I'm feeling fresher. According to my calendar, it's almost time for me to put in my time at our school's twice annual Scholastic Book Fair, so naturally my thoughts turn to the vintage Scholastic paperbacks I've been amassing for the past few years. This handful of titles reflects the elementary and middle-school preoccupation with witches, ghosts and creepy dolls that may or may not be alive. Of course, kids that age still enjoy all things occult, but the books now are so much more tawdry and commercial. I've ranted about old vs. new Scholastic here, so I won't go down that road again today. Enjoy!

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