Tuesday, April 16, 2013

All tomorrow's parties

Coke Party invites by Buzza/Cardoza

When I was in NJ last month, I bought these old-school cocktail party invitations at one of my usual thrifting stops. I wonder if Hallmark makes an invite equivalent to this "Let's unwind" anymore, or if American Greetings still perceives a market for "Cocktails"... And does anyone still make invitations to, ahem, Coke Parties? Seriously, WTF. I'm going to give Buzza Cardozo the benefit of the doubt and assume that "coke" was being used as the generic for "soda" or "pop"—that rooster (cock?) is clearly a Coca-Cola bottle but did Coca-Cola really not care about trademark infringement? And did a "soda party" ever seem fun to anyone?

Anyway, these too can be filed under Soon-to-Be-Obsolete Ephemera, thanks to the rise of the evite.

Let's Unwind invites from Hallmark

Cocktails invites from American Greetings

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