Monday, October 24, 2011

The lure of lore

I'm not nearly as outdoorsy as I aspire to be because (a) it's really hot here in San Antonio and (b) when it's not hot, the air is just thick with allergens and quarry dust. Oh, and (c) the chiggers. Did I mention the chiggers? Nevertheless, I find this little tome, which turns up at a lot of book sales and estate sales (right alongside those Reader's Digest Condensed sets), super-appealing. I bought my first copy of the Complete Book of Outdoor Lore at a library sale in Boerne, TX, and the nice Friends of the Library volunteer exclaimed "Oooh... I would've gotten this one if I'd seen it. I love any title with the word lore in it, don't you?"

Why, yes, my fellow kindred spirit senior citizen library volunteer lady. And thank you for confirming that I should really volunteer at library sales so I can get first crack at all the books with lore in the title!
Seriously—try it. Everything sounds better with a little lore chaser:

tax lore
math lore
kettlebell lore
microwave oven lore


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