Friday, February 24, 2012

More ’60s Vogue: All the young dudes

For your Friday viewing pleasure, more eye candy from The Sixties: A Decade in Vogue, starting with Terence Stamp (Terence Donovan, 1967), above, circa Far From the Madding Crowd, one of my favorite beautiful/depressing Thomas Hardy adaptations. Happy weekend!

Mick, "whose strange individuality will keep him a star. To women, Jagger looks fascinating, to men, a scare." (David Bailey, 1964)

Why hello, Tom Stoppard... (Snowdon, 1967)

Peter O'Toole (Jerry Bauer, 1963)

Mary Quant and Alexander Plunket-Greene (Brian Duffy, 1962). Sorry this is more about the dress than the dude. I'll post more in the future; can't help myself.

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