Thursday, February 23, 2012


How happy was I to score The Sixties: A Decade in Vogue (edited by Nicholas Drake) at an otherwise underwhelming library sale two weeks ago? As with the Scavullo book, it was pretty impossible to narrow down my choices to scan but it does seem bad form to scan the whole thing... I did my best, starting with cover girl Twiggy, a no-brainer of course. Those eyelashes! Those rings! Maybe I will scan some Vogue dudes tomorrow.

Do you recognize this winsome face? Maggie Smith, the dowager countess to end all dowager countesses. Gorgeous, right? (Bert Stern, 1963)

Shirley Maclaine, who will be joining the Downton Abbey cast for the third season, as Cora's mother and likely nemesis of Dame Maggie. I love this pic but her hands are scaring me a little—kind of like if that Oliver Stone movie with Michael Caine starred murderous jazz hands instead of just a regular old murderous hand. (David Bailey, 1965)

Francoise Hardy, at 18. What can I say? (Jean-Loup Sieff, 1964)

Jeanne Moreau. The perfect cat eye. (David Budnick, 1962)

Jean Shrimpton. Love everything about this picture. Which Stone did she date? (David Bailey, 1962)

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  1. Love that photo of Maggie Smith (can't wait for season three)!


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