Sunday, April 1, 2012

My partner in shopping

Today marks 23 years (12 of them legal) of bliss with my sometimes better, sometimes worser half. He left this little illustration on my desk a couple years ago—not sure why, he must've been in some kind of trouble, and what better way to make overtures of peace than to dash off an idealized portrait of us looking so jolly at an estate sale? With me brandishing...a head of broccoli? It's a pretty rare occasion that he looks so sunny at a sale, usually because he's wrangling the kids when he's not dramatically sighing about the massive quantities of books I'm buying. Whatever! Left to his own devices, like when I make him hit a sale in the vicinity of his downtown office, he's been known to get waaay carried away with the spending. Other times, he's struck gold, like when he scored a Paul Klee litho in some Kerville barn for $17 and it's supposedly worth thousands. I don't deny his eye—if only he could work on his attitude! But in his honor, this week I will highlight a few of Lindsay's finds/follies, as well as stuff I've bought for him at sales.

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