Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Roz Chast rules

It's a pretty rare Sunday when I notice the Parade magazine in my local paper—engulfed as it is by Target ads, Toys R Us ads, Kohl's ads, the truncated Star magazine, the funnies—let alone read it. But, obviously, this Roz Chast cover spoke to me. The excerpt from Anna Quindlen's latest book of essays isn't anything too special, the usual late-life ruminations on the circle of stuff, the poignancy of objects, the importance of Christmas ornaments (um, nothing like this blog) but Roz's cover and inside comic are awesome. She is welcome to attach herself to Thingummery: The Nonexistent Book Proposal, if she ever wants to.

Did you know Roz is also a crazy bird lady? This snippet from the NYT is great.

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