Monday, April 9, 2012

A tisket, a tasket

Estate sale shopping rule #143: Always hit the bedroom closets and thoroughly peruse the top shelves, even if you're skeeved by old clothes. And honestly, if you're skeeved by old anything, why are you reading this blog? Same reason you watch Hoarders? Or did you go to kindergarten with me? For whatever reason, the top shelf is where you're likely to unearth the most rad accessories. I'm visualizing the totally out-of-reach top shelves of my tall-and-skinny dysfunctional closet and I think there are some serious scores up there—weird, impractical bags, vintage silk nighties, motorcycle boots... Too bad I'm not having an estate sale anytime soon cuz I'd probably buy something from myself. (No, that does not make sense but accidentally buying something that once belonged to me seems like something I might do.)

I don't really bother shopping for vintage clothes anymore—I'm too lazy to deal with the inevitable repairs, stain removals and alterations. I also find that, as I negotiate the shoals of my forties, I'm cleaving more and more to my standard jeans-and-white-buttondown-shirt uniform. But I do find it hard to resist cute vintage accessories because (a) size isn't an issue and (b) bedbugs are less likely to be an issue. Like, how could a bedbug set up camp in this awesome basket purse?

According to my "research"—which consisted of reading descriptions written by etsy shop owners and vintage online boutiquers who may or may not know what they're talking about—this bamboo "birdcage" purse dates from the 1950s or ’60s or ’70s, and you could coordinate it with any outfit by lining it with a different scarf. I just thought it was pretty. I was tempted at first to let it collect dust, yet another impractical bag on the top shelf, but then I decided that would be a terrible waste of such an aesthetically pleasing conversation piece. I took it to one black-tie gala and found it rather difficult to balance drink/napkin/canape/bag and shake hands with sundry partygoers. When I left it on my chair, someone sat on it and I nearly fainted (remarkably it sustained no damage). And as with those clear plastic or lucite purses, you have to edit the contents pretty carefully. Drawbacks, to be sure, but this is a bag that wants to be seen—I'm waiting for just the right lawn party.

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  1. I constantly buy back books I've donated to the goodwill....


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