Friday, July 20, 2012

Finnish Fridays: Mmm...pie.

What—this doesn't look delicious to you? Then you must not be Finnish (or even 51% Finnish) because this, my friends, is a Karelian Rice Pie (a.k.a., Rice Pasty) and there ain't nothing finer smeared with a little egg butter (that would be hard-boiled egg smushed up with butter—YUM). And here you thought Finnish cuisine was all vodka and blackest licorice!

I used to get a fairly steady, or at least semiannual, supply of Karelian Rice Pies from my parents, whenever they hit the Scandinavian Festival circuit. But at some point several years ago, the ScanFest stopped coming to town, and I moved away, so in lieu of delectable hearty rice pies, all I have now is this sculpture of a rice pie. Not quite the same. There are myriad rice pie recipes on the internets, but, I dunno, it seems kinda hard.

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