Monday, July 23, 2012

A few things I didn't buy

I didn't buy any of these old cameras or camera paraphernalia because I can never remember what it is valuable and what is useful and what is pointless and useless. So I just pass on all of it.

This giant laundry basket overflowed with decks of cards, and I didn't buy any of them.

I didn't buy this bar even though the price seemed totally reasonable ($150). And I guess I didn't buy that hot pink lava lamp either. Funny, I don't even remember that hot pink lava lamp.

I've found that Instagram is very helpful in keeping me from buying things I don't need/can't afford/etc. If I capture an object with my iphone and make it look all retro-adorable with just the right filter, it's like I've captured the object's soul. Okay, objects don't have souls. Its essence? Anyway, I've documented its existence, it lives on in my phone and I no longer feel compelled to possess it. In short, this is a good thing, so I'll be featuring my non-buys here regularly. Bear with me, it's therapy.

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