Friday, October 5, 2012

Finnish Fridays: I'm an Arabia teapot, short and stout

A belated Happy Finnish Friday to one and all. Been a little busy today because my (Finnish) mother is here and there's no better excuse for going to five estate sales in one day. I was hoping to hit seven, which might have been a personal record, but the AC died in the guest room last night so we had to wait on the AC repairman for half the morning (Finns like their rooms just-under-the-arctic-circle cold for optimal sleep, so choices had to be made).

In honor of the day, I give you one of two vintage teapots made by the incomparable Finnish ceramics company Arabia. They're not marked because they're "seconds," which my mother bought at the Arabia factory outlet store in 1960. Gives you shopping chills, right? Why can't there be an Arabia outlet store at my outlet mall instead of all that cut-rate DKNY and Michael Kors?

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