Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Name that Tune Tote

I used to be a pretty avid collector of LPs and 45s, but now I tend to steer clear of the record boxes at estate sales. For one, they're overpriced. For two, I have everything I need on vinyl. There was a time when I didn't have all the vintage children's records in the universe, but now I've pretty much got that covered as well. Still, it's hard to resist an adorable case specially designed to hold one's 45 collection. Totes, kits—they're as cute as they sound, and you can easily imagine Archie, Betty and the gang toting them to a platter party at the Lodges' mansion. And, damn, when you compare them to those depressing black nylon Caselogic CD cases or those ugly-ass CD towers...bleh. (I find it hard to believe that there will ever be a retro-nostalgist market for CDs.) I realize plenty of people still listen to CDs, but does anyone actually tote them around anymore? All you need is your iPhone/iPod/equivalent, and while you can deck that in a pretty smart case, it's never going to be as darling as the 45 kit.

The only downside to collecting these kits is that they often come stocked with Betty or Veronica's original collection and even though I don't necessarily want all those Pat Boone 45s, it pains me to bust it up. I discussed this conundrum previously when I shared my best record score ever, which is still sitting in my office, intact and unlistened to. What to do, what to do.

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