Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More things I didn't buy: special gadget edition

I did not buy this vintage Sperti Sunlamp because it seemed silly and a waste of money but definitely worth a quick snap of the iPhone. Maybe I should've bought this vintage Sperti Sunlamp because it turns out there's a market for old sunlamps, especially when they come with the original goggles, like this one did. Here in San Antonio, there's a Tanfastic (or similarly, awesomely named) tanning salon in every strip mall, so it's hard for me to imagine what one does with an old-school face-fryer.

I did not buy this Northern Untangler Comb, despite the ecstatic expression of the Carol Alt-meets-Rita Hayworth model on the box, because my hair isn't long enough to tangle, and my tangly-tressed daughter swears by the Remington Tangle Tamer.

I did not buy this 1960s Oster Scientific Junior Massage Instrument because I need at least a Senior Massage Instrument to achieve "that feeling of well being."

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