Monday, November 26, 2012

More things I didn't buy: four-star general edition

I did not buy anything, including these three items, at a recent estate sale for a four-star general, mostly because by the time I got there, it was way too picked over and still too rich for my blood. Military estate sales are a big deal in San Antonio, being a military town and all, and generals are obviously the biggest draw. Those fellows get around. Ahem. As we've been reminded by recent scandalous behavior. That aside, I'm always struck by the unused toiletries at estate sales; something about an Irish Spring-lathering late 4-star general seemed especially poignant. Do you think Petraeus uses Irish Spring? Personally, I always loved the Irish Spring commercials, but the product is much too drying for my sensitive skin.

I didn't buy this heavy, ornate organ because thanks to Lindsay, I have enough underplayed organs idling in my house and garage. I did snap this photo for his benefit, though.

This general—or his wife—had a serious passion for shelling. They were all over the house. Many of them were very, very expensive (dude had a gorgeous fan of black coral in a huge shadowbox for $600). There were price guides justifying the prices, and I'm sure they were all justified. I didn't buy any of these shells because, well, I've already sounded off on the controversial topic of purchasing someone else's shell collection here. Basically, it smells like cheating—not like the fine, fresh scent of Irish Spring.

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  1. You what I love? When the dude cuts into the cake of Irish Spring with a pocketknife to show the internal smell stripes. I'll never get that soap image out of my 44-year-old head.


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