Friday, November 30, 2012

More eye candy from the etsy shoppe

It seems I'm taking the easy way out with today's post, throwing up a few eye-delicious scans from vintage decorating books now on sale for totally reasonable prices at the Thingummery etsy shoppe. You'll have to cut me some slack. Since returning from our Thanksgiving holidays in NJ and NYC, four out of four family members have been struck down by a virulent, take-no-prisoners stomach bug. Some people haven't been in school for days. Some people missed important work meetings. Some people—people who are also suffering from a cold—haven't been able to go running or send out birthday party invitations or think up clever posts for this blog. Some people are missing the estate sales today, and those people never miss the estate sales on Friday.

But those same people are managing to add new listings to the shoppe every day, including children's books, including books that have been celebrated on this very blog like this one and this one, back when some people were feeling more clever. Wishing you a weekend free of saltines and everything else on the B.R.A.T. diet!

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