Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ample material for fun and frolic

Someone at my house is turning 9 this weekend and is hosting her first-ever slumber party. Actually, they call them sleepovers now but I'm going to persist with my hoary old term, cuz that's what they were called when I started attending them—the seances! the ghost stories! the fingertips in warm water prank that never worked!—in 5th grade. Yes, everything happens sooner now and we can't just blame it on the hormones in milk, can we?

I doubt this will be an occasion when I'll be called upon to bust out my vintage birthday party-planning materials, but just in case interest in the swimming pool, the wii, the DVDs, the various glowsticks and the copious amounts of junk food I sanctioned for THIS ONE NIGHT ONLY should flag, I'm sure everyone will enjoy a few rounds of Kids' Keen Time Games.

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