Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Who buys Super-8 reels (is that even the right term?) when they don't have a Super-8? We do! Or more precisely, Lindsay does. He just couldn't do the sensible thing and back away slowly from the laundry basket filled with Super-8s for just 25¢ apiece at our recent "city-wide garage sale." Instead, he reasoned, the kids could watch Heckle and Jeckle unspool through a microscope until we eventually purchase a Super-8 cuz how have we managed so long without one? Come to think of it, why don't we have an 8-track player and what happened to that reel-to-reel we bought at the Best Rummage Sale in NJ so many years ago?

Well, the kids did watch Heckle and Jeckle under a microscope and it was good times for a good ten minutes, at least.

And I was sorry to learn after the fact that Ms. Vintage Kids Books My Kid Loves has a Super-8 and I could have totally squared her son's birthday so much more cheaply than on amazon had I only known!

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