Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just like I pictured it

This Big Time Operator—and here I always thought BTO stood for Bachman Turner Overdrive—is headed off to the big city at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning for a whirlwind wedding weekend. Woo-hoo—look at me, such the big time operator! You ain't seen nothing yet! As Bachman Turner Overdrive would say. All blogging activity will likely be suspended, unless New York City has suddenly become very boring and attending the nuptials of my only brother to one of my BFFs turns out to be a snorefest.

(Two great things about vintage postcards: learning new slang, and marveling that there was ever a time when you could just write a person's name and citystate and the postcard would arrive at its intended destination. Odessa's population hovers around 100,000-don't think Mrs. W.M. Brady would've gotten this card had it been sent today.)

Oh, and speaking of cards, did everyone catch Cindy Sherman's freaky-cool find in the Times Styles section a week or two ago? Check it out.

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