Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More things I didn't buy, including a nude lady

In an effort to continue to please blog visitors looking for nude ladies, here is an oil painting of a lovely odalisque, which I did not buy because it was $800, it covered a whole wall and I didn't want it.

At this sale, the entire deck and backyard was awash with these clay pots, which I believe are called amphorae. It's what I imagine whole stretches of the bottom of the Aegean Sea must look like but that didn't make me want to buy them.

I did want this chair, though I've mentioned that my house has come to resemble the showroom for a weird chair factory, right? Still, it was only $50. $50! But this was one of the creepiest estate sales I've been to in a while...For starters, it was one of those "living" estate sales, an oxymoron for sure—if the owner is on site and haggling with customers, then it's not an estate sale. It's a garage/yard/house sale. Anyway.  This was a dirty, hoardy household and the owner was a weedy, skeevy fellow straight out of pedophile central casting—and unfortunately, my kids were with me, so the whole time, I was hissing, Don't touch that! Get away from there! Thinking they would be taking home pet bed bugs and maybe some of the moldy inspirational/religious posters the guy was pushing on them because they featured photos of fuzzy animals. Gah. By the time I noticed this rad chair, we were already halfway out the door. Too late.

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