Thursday, May 9, 2013

More things I didn't buy: Sassy Lady edition

I didn't buy this Sassy Lady All-Purpose Ultra-Suede Fringe because I am not crafty or sew-y or even fringy, but that's no excuse considering it was only a dollar. Shame on me.

I didn't buy this bizarre, accordion-style, collapsible bed even though it wouldn't look out of place in Game of Thrones and I heart Game of Thrones. It was billed as "one of a kind" (skeptical of that but certainly not something you'd see at The Mattress Firm or Ikea) and preposterously priced at $5,000 (or best offer). Think I can find cheaper ways of slicing off my digits.

Didn't buy this attractive set of Iroquois Casual China by Russel Wright because, as you know, I do not collect china. Disregard this post.

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