Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Paperback of the week: Sniglets by Rich Hall

You know, there was a time when HBO was known as Home Box and it didn't feature lavishly expensive, highly addictive Sunday night soap operas for wine drinkers of a certain age, like me. Once upon a time, Home Box was an endearingly scrappy cable channel, primarily airing endless repeats of bad Goldie Hawn movies and Death Race 2000, with some quasi-original programming in between. I'm thinking Video Jukebox and Not Necessarily the News. The former was the 30-minute-long precursor to MTV; the latter was a TV-news parody comedy series loosely based on Britain's Not the 9 o'clock News, but funnier because it was about our news, and because it featured Rich Hall's "sniglets." Which my autocorrect keeps trying to spell as "singlets." If Rich Hall were still crafting sniglets, he'd probably come up with a good one for that.

I grabbed this book when I saw it at a recent estate sale though I must confess I've only flipped through it briefly (so hard to find just the right time to sit down and seriously peruse Sniglets!). But when I found this clip from Not Necessarily the News on YouTube, I'm not gonna lie—I was laffing out loud. It might be fair to say my humor has not evolved at all since the ’80s.

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