Monday, May 13, 2013

The people have spoken: more retro nudie pinups

The Model, by Fritz Willis, published by Walter T. Foster. (Annoyingly undated, like all of them.)

In honor of my just realizing that May 4 marked the second anniversary of this blog, all this month, or hell, maybe just this week, I'm going to attempt to please you, my random readers, by revisiting some all-time favorite posts and/or by simply giving you more of what you seem—based on Blogger statistics—to want more than anything: pictures of nekkid ladies.

See, back in the dawn of time  (i.e., 2004), when I started my first blog, Blogger (neĆ© Blogspot) didn't helpfully crunch the numbers the way they do now. I was blissfully unaware of which of my posts attracted the most traffic, whence the traffic came, and by what combination of search terms said post was discovered and enjoyed.

Well, let's just say that this new feature has been quite enlightening. I did not realize how many people were googling "nude girls draw" or "drawing naked girls" or, my special favorite, "naked girl with guitar" and ending up at my humble blog. So pleased I could provide you all with an appropriate destination! (The naked guitar player can be found here if you missed her the first time around.) I also really enjoy the search key words that bring weary travelers to Thingummery, like "nude finnish men sauna," "70s wigs for women and dolls" and "Carol Burnett naked." Only one Thingummery post actually meets that search criteria—can you guess which?

One of the things I've learned over the two years I've been blogging about my stuff is just how popular Walter T. Foster art books—particularly those about nude girls and clowns—really are. They seriously deserve their own blog, or better still, tumblr, and if I can figure out how to pull off one devoted to Sad Nude Girl Clowns, I will.

Actually, that probably already exists. I'm not going to google it, though. Are you?

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